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Leading in Airborne systems INTEGRATION 

About us

S.G.D Engineering is Leading Provider of Airborne Mission Solutions offering a 
High Value Turnkey Airborne Projects from Concept Development to a Certified Aircraft

Core Business​

Leading in Airborne Pods Development
S.G.D Engineering Ltd. is one of the most reputable world leaders in airborne pods. We provides fully equipped airborne pod ready for integration with specific sensor systems (Reconnaissance Cameras, Radars, EW, Self-Protection systems, etc....) and for a verity of platforms. 

Rich Experience 
Over the past 37 years the company has successfully completed more than 150 projects worldwide. 
Our rich past experience allows us to deliver a complete turn key solution for most stringent customer requirements, needs and expectations on a variety of airborne platforms.

Excellence in Special Mission Aircraft Conversion
Our Special Mission Aircraft solutions are being tailored to the customers operational needs on any required airborne platform Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft, for a wide range of applications such as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, EW, Maritime Patrol, Search and Rescuer, Fire Fighting, Law Enforcement and more..

Your Partner for Aircraft Upgrades & System Retrofit 
Our solutions are designed to offer the optimal modification and upgrades of the aircraft so we can give customers the benefits of a cutting-edge modern aircraft on an existing platform without the need to purchase new aircraft. This Include external installations, sensors, antennas, avionic modernization and upgrade, seats, wiring, pylons, etc.. We provide a full turn key solution including the engineering, integration, installation and certification.

Airborne Pods​

SGD Engineering Ltd. is one of the most reputable world leaders in airborne pods

We provides fully equipped airborne pod ready for integration

Chaff & Flares

Dispensing Pod


Reconnaissance Pod



Self-Protection Pod


Production & Assembly Plant​

Any Requirement, Any Mission, On Any Platform

We Offers a Wide Range of Conversions to Special Mission Aircraft


Radar  Pod


eElectronic Warfare Pod

For UAVs

Special Mission Aircrafts​

AVIONICS UPGRADES & Modernization​

Special Programs​

Engineering Capabilities​


Our Engineering Services, Your Solution

 S.G.D detailed designs (mechanical, electrical and software) is tailored to meet

customers specific requirements based on applicable Civil and Military Standards

We are offering a verity of Engineering Services, Designs suitable for customer requirements, software and systems Integration & Installation, Analysis & Testing and Certification



Conversion of B707 to SIGINT Aircraft​



Conversion of MI-17 to

ELINT Aircraft​



Installations of Search & Rescue Systems on UH-60

& CH-47​




S70A to Observation Aircraft​



Self-Protection Suit

on C-130​



Conversion of CASA 235

to Intelligence Aircraft​

 Civil Aviation​

Electronics Cooling ​


Ballistic Armor​

Upgrading existing platforms can be an effective and affordable solution

a significant alternative to purchasing new aircraft

S.G.D Engineering is able to offer you  tailor made solution for

upgrading & modernization of existing systems to suit your mission and request​s

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