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What We Do

As part of our Turn Key capability, we deliver certified product as part of the program, to our customers using our Industrial Strength.

All of our products from pods to variety of kits are assembled in-house in our assembly plant by S.G.D’s qualified technicians, under our engineering and quality control organization supervision.

The plant, as well as all other functions of our company, is certified to meet the highest aerospace standards and quality assurance for airborne equipment.

Quality & Certification

S.G.D supports the Certification process according to applicable requirements such as FAR, MIL-SPECs and specific customer’s authority’s requirements such as FAA, EASA, CAA or Military Authorities.We certified a large number of modifications and installations on civil and military aircraft.

The Certification package as per the certifying authority requirement and include as a minimum:

  • Production, Assembly and Installation drawings and all engineering documents
  • Analyses documents and reports 
  • Qualification documentation for LRU’s
  • Tests documents (test plan, test procedure, test results and evaluation)
  • Ground tests\Wind Tunnel tests
  • Safety of flight
  • Flight testsThe process is complete after receipt the Airworthiness Certificate of the modified aircraft from the relevant authority.


           Built to Print Manufacturing

We offer our capabilities for Built to Print (BTP) production of airborne structures and assemblies of the most advanced materials. We are offering a Turnkey option which includes purchasing, production, engineering support, tooling design, assemblies including the systems, all necessary test equipment as well as full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and all other related activities for issuing C.O.C.


We Build, Assemble and Manufacture Products for leading aerospace industries and from various materials. The facility is managed by the company's Supply & Production Division, and supported by the company's Engineering Division. The Supply Chain uses SAP ERP system. The company's Q.A Manager is independent and reports directly to the CEO, in order to assure the high quality of our products.

            Electrical Department

Our electrical department was established for internal production of electrical components in-house. After the company's rapid development over the past years, we now providing services to customers from a wide range of defense industries; Aviation, Weapon, Intelligence, Navy and Land forces. We offer our customers electrical harnesses, electrical boxes and electrical components at low cost and efficient manufacturing. Our electrical department managed by over 40 years' experience Managers from the Israeli Air Force and Israeli Aviation Industries.

            Factory Acceptance Testing

All of our Products and projects are Assessed and Registered by NQA against the provisions of AS9100 Revision C & BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

We are also certified by the Israeli MoD to the Highest "S" level. Certified by leading aerospace industries such as: IAI, IMI, Rafael, UTC Aerospace Systems (Goodrich), Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Elettronica and more…

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