Airborne Pods

S.G.D. Engineering Ltd. is a reputable world leader in design, integration, production and certification of airborne pods. S.G.D provides fully equipped airborne pod ready for integration with specific sensor systems. Our airborne pod package generally consists of pod structure, Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Radoms, wire harnesses, power management, power generation systems and pressurization system when required. Among the pods we developed we find Reconnaissance Cameras ("Recce Pod"), Synthetic Aperture Radar ("SAR Pod"), Electronic Warfare ("EW Pod"), Self-Protection Pod with or without RWR/MWS sensors, Chaff and Flares Dispensers ("SPS Pod").

S.G.D's airborne pod programs experience include pod development and production for various platforms (fighters, helicopters, business jets and large passenger aircrafts). We develop pods mounted through pylons and adapters or conformal. Our Pods are designed for defense industry market leaders as Lockheed Martin, Goodrich Corporation, and are being operational in many air forces worldwide.

Reconnaissance Pod 

S.G.D has performed  Pod development for Goodrich Corporation DB-110 system. The  pod program included development, integration manufacturing, assembly, testing, certification and production.
The  Recce Pod development consisted of pod design, Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Power Distribution System, Radomes and Ground Support Equipment.​ This Pod was adopted to different platforms.

Chaff and Flares dispensing Pod

8 rotatable Chaff and Flare dispensers Pod for Tornado. The pod features optional integrated Missile Warning System.​ 

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Conformal Pod

SAR conformal pod development, integration, certification.
Conversion of the aircraft with Command & Control workstations​

Compact Self Protection Pod (CSPP) for UAVs and Light Aircrafts (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) 

Protection against radar guided missiles Cost-effective performance, compare to larger and expensive Equipped with highly capable systems which can defeat new generation of surface to air missiles using DRFM deployed Jammers Capable of Providing ELINT functions. 

For all of our pods we provide the following capabilities and expertise: 

  • Mission requirements analyses
  • Structural design
  • Stress analysis
  • Aerodynamic and CFD analyses
  • Aero-optic analyses
  • Thermodynamic analyses
  • EnvironmentalControl Systems(ECS)
  • Electric power management and distribution
  • Wire harness design, routing and installation
  • Radomes, radiation analyses and testing
  • Aircraft integration
  • Wind tunnel and ground tests
  • Flight tests
  • Certification
  • Production and assemblyGround Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Training and documentation 

 Self-Protection Pod

Self Protection Suite (MWS/C&F) Pod for Boeing 737.                                                 The pod is made of composite materials, removable and  tailored made for presidential VIP aircraft.

S.G.D was responsible for Development, Integration, Production, Installation and Certification. 


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