AVIONICS UPGRADES & Modernization​

Upgrading Existing Platforms an Effective &Affordable Solution

Upgrading existing platforms can be a significant alternative to purchasing new aircraft.S.G.D Engineering able to offer you a tailor made solutions for upgrading & modernization of existing systems to suit your most optimal mission and request

Systems Upgrade & Modernization Programs on variety of Platforms

We offers Systems Upgrade & Modernization Programs on a wide range of Helicopters and Airplanes. In the previous year's S.G.D performed upgrades on Blackhawks, Super Pumas ,Mi-17, Mi-8 Business Jets and more.

S.G.D upgrade programs includes suitable for our customer requests and based on our many years' experience that enables us to perform the following:

  • Avionics upgrades
  • New Instrument Panel (Glass Cockpit) 
  • Installation of new systems such as FLIR, RADAR, Search and Rescue, Pilot Locating System, UHF/VHF communication, Mux-bus etc.
  • Ballistic Protection according to costumer request and threat

Engineering & Integrations Design

We offer our customers with System engineering, Integrations and installation of new systems on board an aircraft require experience. S.G.D delivers integrated solutions, based on the specifications and performances requirements of our customers.


We can implement the installation according to the location the customer desire, at the customer premises, or in facilities offered by us.

Tests & Analyses

S.G.D’s Analyses Group supports a wide-range of capabilities to ensure the integrity of all ours designs and customer requests.


S.G.D supports the Certification process according to applicable requirements such as FAR, MIL-SPECs and specific customer’s authority’s requirements such as FAA, EASA, CAA or Military Authorities.

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