Special Mission Aircrafts

Any Requirement, Any Mission, On Any Platform

S.G.D provides a wide range of conversions to Special Mission Aircraft (SMA) for both defense and Homeland Security applications. Our Special Mission Aircraft solutions are being tailored to the customers' operational needs on any airborne platform for various applications and customer's requirements . 

Turnkey Program

S.G.D capabilities and experience in Special Mission Aircraft benefit the customer at all program aspects. We are able to offer full turnkey Special Mission Aircraft solution based on the experience and know-how gained over more than 150 projects worldwide. We fulfill  the customer needs whether he desires a whole new solution or upgrade of existing one.

Cutting Edge Systems

Alliance with world's leading Airborne Mission Systems providers allow us to propose and deliver state of the art proven sensors and systems which are proven and selected to meet the customer's operational requirements and provide best performance to cost effective solution. S.G.D's experience consists of conversion programs performance which include in general EO/IR payloads, Radars, weapon Systems, Avionics upgrade, SIGINT Systems, Data Link Communication, Self-protection suites and more.

Search & Rescue Systems on Blackhawk and Chnuck

Installation of Pilot Location System (PLS) on 18 UH-60 and CH-47 Helicopters

S.G.D was the Prime Contractor and was responsible for System Engineering, Integration, Installation Design, A kit Manufacturing, Installation, Ground & Flight Tests and Certification.

MI-17 Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Aircraft

Conversion of 2 MI-17 to ELINT Helicopters (one for low frequency range and other for high frequency range) and internally in the cabin operator's consoles and equipment racks.

S.G.D preformed the Integration with the Platform, Installation Design, Certification, A kit Manufacturing, installation and Ground & Flight Tests.

MI-17 Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Aircraft

Conversion of  MI-17 to ELINT Helicopters

S.G.D preformed Design and Installation on the platform of:

  • Sensors
  • Operators’ and Mission Chief Workstations
  • Communication
  • Certification
  • A kit Manufacturing
  • Ground & Flight Tests

Self-Protection Suite 

SGD has performed numerous Self Protection Suite programs on different fix and rotary wing aircrafts

  • Countermeasures Dispensing System (CMDS)
  • Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS)
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

Self-Protection Suit on Super Puma

S.G.D Design and Installed self-protection suit include: 

  • MissiIe Warning System (MWS)
  • Countemeasures Dispensing System (CMDS)

Boeing 707 Conversion to ISR Aircraft

The ISR Special Mission Aircraft conversion included the following Systems:

  • EO/IR Payload installation
  • Airborne EW systems installation
  • Airborne COMINT System installation 
  • Airborne COMJAM System installation
  • Airborne ELINT System installation
  • CMDS installation (Chaff/Flares Dispensing System)
  • Command & Control work Station (C&C)

CN-235 to Special Mission Observation Aircraft

Conversion to “Open Skies” Special Mission observation aircraft under a prime contract to the Turkish Air Force (TuAF).

  • Different camera sensors (IRLS, Panoramic, Video, Oblique, Vertcal)
  • Airborne Mission Planning & Control System (AMPCS)
  • Communication
  • Ground Planning and Exploitation Station

Armament System on AS-350 Helicopter

The program included installation of: 

  • Armament Control unit 0.5 caliber Gun and rocket launcher Pods 
  • Laser pointer
  • Pilot  Sight System
  • System Control panel
  • Armament Mounting Pylon and Release Units for machine gun pod
  •  Rocket Launcher

S.G.D was responsible for design, analysis, installation, certification  and tests.

Guns & Rockets on Mi-17 Helicopter

S.G.D installed armament systems on MI-17, this involved the design of external construction for mounting the armament systems on both sides of the helicopter, with 2 mounting points on each side, for standard release units, one for gun pod and the other for rocket launcher, armament control unit in the cockpit  and  pilot sight system. S.G.D developed the system, performed the installation design and integration with the helicopter systems, certification, kit manufacturing, installation and testing.

Search & Rescue Systems on Blackhawk and Chnuck​

MI-17 to Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Aircraft​

MI-17 to Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Aircraft​

Self-Protection Suit on C-130​

Self-Protection Suit on Super Puma​

BOEING 707 Conversion to  ISR Aircraft​

CN-235 to Special Mission Observation Aircraft​

Armament System on AS350 Helicopte​

Guns and Rockets on Mi-17 Helicopter​

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