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Civil Aviation​​

Electronic Cooling ​


Ballistic Armor​

Civil Aviation

Alongside extensive operations in the military and defense fields, S.G.D provide service to civilian aviation, many commercial aircraft manufacturers, airlines and business jets.As a certified company for Boeing, Lucid Martin and many others, we designing a solutions for special and specific needs of our customers for civilian missions such as firefighting, law enforcement, urban mapping etc.

Our Production & Assembly Plant manufactures aerospace parts and spare for cargo converting, commercial aircraft and business jets.

Electronic Cooling Systems

S.G.D as over 15 years of Experience in development and production of Electronic Cooling Systems for a verity of Avionics and Electronic High for Power Systems.We performs integrated within the airframe or in pods, Using Air cycle or Vapor cycle machine, Liquid Circulating cooling system.

Our costumers enjoying a full scale development:

  • System analysis and specifications of all components
  • Integration aircraft and pods
  • Testing
  •  Serial production​


We perform Design and analysis-electrical/mechanical, Full scale development, Environmental conditions testing, Mechanical properties, Radiation electrical testing and serial Production of Radoms for over 15 years.

Our experience able us a full scale development and production of numerous types of Radomes for Satcom, Radars, Data Link etc. 

Ballistic Armor

We are offering Ballistic Protection against most types of threats for fixed and rotary wing Air Vehicles.

As performing Turn Key projects we provide a full solution package for our customers:

  • Integration with Air Vehicles structure
  • Environmental conditions
  • Structural analysis and proofing tests
  • Ballistic tests
  • Airworthiness Certification, military and civil Turn

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